A Brief Overview of Muay Thai Brands and Products

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A Brief Overview of Muay Thai Brands and Products

A Brief Overview of Muay Thai Brands and Products

When people fall in love with Muay Thai, they often go all in. The life you had before, suddenly gets turned upside down and everything you think, say and do revolves around Muay Thai. Work becomes a tool to help you fund your next trip to Thailand, and play involves training as much as you can at the gym.

Muay Thai fans are the most passionate fans in the world. They are the martial art version of a religious person who is one a mission to spread the word of Muay Thai. They will try and get all their friends involved in the sport and even try to get family members to join gyms.

One of the reasons why Muay Thai is so unique is because of the long tradition and history of the sport. Many years ago, Muay Thai was taught to all members of the army as a form of self-defense. This was considered the ‘poor’ man’s sport, something that rich Thais would never look at. It was too ‘barbaric’ for the elite Thais who had all the money.

The history of Muay Thai being the sport of the people, made this sport thrive in Thailand. And with the emergence of the UFC, Muay Thai become known as the de factor striking art for MMA fighters. Therefore, the growth of MMA has helped grow Muay Thai to levels that would never have been possible before.

In today’s world, Muay Thai is rapidly spreading across the world. Now it is no longer an unknown sport. With thousands of Muay Thai converts around the world. With the emergence of so many Muay Thai fans, there have been a growing number of companies that have moved in to capitalize on this market.

Muay Thai Brands

The past 30 years have seen a huge number of Muay Thai brands emerge. The orginal brands from Thailand were Windy, Raja, Thaismai, Twins, Sandee and Fairtex. Out of these brands, Fairtex has taken over as the global brand of the world. While some people say that Fairtex doesn’t produce the best quality products, you can’t argue about their design and product selection.

Fairtex is by far the biggest Muay Thai brand out there, reaching millions of dollars in sales per year and being featured in thousands of stores across the world. Fairtex was originally started by a Thai Chinese entrepreneur who saw the potential for a Muay Thai brand.

Today, the top three brands on the market are Fairtex, Twins and Top King. These brands would cover 70% of the Muay Thai equipment sold on the market, and make endless amounts of gear.

Online Retailers

One of the reasons why Muay Thai brands have started taking off is because of the growth of e-commerce. With sites like ebay.com and Amazon.com paving the way, more and more people are becoming making purchases with their credit cards online.

The growth of online retailers has helped grow Muay Thai sales, because many of the products cannot be found in small towns or cities across the world. Unless you happen to find a niche store somewhere, there are very little options of where you can buy your Muay Thai equipment.

Now there are dozens of retailers that are based out of Bangkok that ship hundreds of thousands of Muay Thai products to people all around the world. The large amount of money made from online retailers, attracted a lot of small merchants who wanted to order more products.

Modern Muay Thai Brands

With the increased market for Muay Thai products, there are now more brands that are coming into the market than ever before. One aspect of Thai brands that are often lacking is the design. Outside of Fairtex, the design of Muay Thai products is very basic and hasn’t changed for many years.

They still use the same glove model designs and same technology today, that they used 30 years ago when they first started making the equipment.

While big Muay Thai manufacturers are good at making Muay Thai gear, they do not make good clothing. The only gear they produce is brand labeled shirts and shorts, they have their name plastered on it.

Ever since I started training Muay Thai, I never felt like there was a brand that offered t-shirts that reflected my style and my love for the sport. Sure, you can easily find shirts online that say cheesy phrases, but there isn’t anything that has good design in it.

Introducing MTP Fight Gear

One of the reasons why we created MTP Fight Gear was to produce shirts, shorts and equipment that we would want to wear. Something that would identify with our own love of the sport, and get passed on to the people around us.

If you are in love with Muay Thai, but at the same time style conscious, you want to wear products that have thought behind the design. This is something that we have focused on when we were designing our initial batch of Muay Thai shorts and T-shirts.

All our products are hand made in Thailand and have been designed from passionate Muay Thai enthusiasts. I mean, who else would come out with a line of shorts that emphasize fighting styles? Only Muay Thai nerds, right?

Quality, Design, and Passion Combined

One of the reasons why we chose to have our equipment and apparel produced in Thailand is because we care so much about quality. Sure, we could have outsourced our gear from Pakistan or China to save money, but that would do a disservice to anyone who purchases our product.

We believe if you do something, you should put your everything in it. Don’t do anything half ass and wish you could have done something better in the future. That is why we are committed to making sure that everything you buy from MTP Fight Gear is the absolute best quality products on the market.

Not only are you getting top quality products, you are also getting products that are designed by people who love the sport. When it comes to design, we are very picky, and can tell you now that we wouldn’t sell anything that we don’t love.

We can’t wait for you to try out our stuff!

Stephen Kong (Co-Founder)