Muay Thai Training in Thailand - What You Need to Bring to Thailand

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Muay Thai Training in Thailand - What You Need to Bring to Thailand

The first time you visit Thailand is exciting and scary at the same time. If you have never been to the land of smiles, everything can be intimidating. Different culture, people, and a new language can be a shock to a lot of people.

Fortunately, Thailand is a tourist destination that brings in over 30 million people from around the world a year. This means that most of the infrastructure around the country is catered to tourism. 

As long as you speak English, you will be just fine.

All of the popular tourist island destinations have people who speak fluent English, and most of the shopping vendors will be able to tell you prices in English also. 

Besides figuring out where you should stay and train in Thailand (I'll let you figure that one out), the next important decision on your mind is what you should bring to Thailand.

The following article is going to break down a few things you should consider bringing to you when you take your first trip to Thailand.

Toiletries and Sunscreen

I am pretty sure these are the most cliche items on everyone's list, but it is true. You want to make sure that you bring your favorite lotions, scrubs, razors, etc. because they won't have the same brands that you have back home.

This doesn't mean that they won't have equally good stuff in the store, it just means that they won't have the ones you like. 

The local 7-elevens do have everything you need if you forget a few essential items. After living in Thailand for a few years, I've gotten used to buying all of my toiletries in Thailand, so this isn't a big deal. 

It is important to point out that sunscreen is more expensive in Thailand than your home country. Additionally, a lot of the sunscreen items have added whitener to them, so if you don't want to have pasty white skin, bring your own sunscreen.

A Good Mouthguard

If you plan on training in Thailand you will need a mouthguard for training. You don't want to purchase a boil and bite guard in Thailand. Bring your own custom mouthguard that fits your mouth.

Trust me, the last thing you need is to lose a tooth when you are sparring. Have a good mouthguard in your mouth at all times and don't ever risk it. I don't care if you are asked to spar, don't ever spar without a mouthguard in your mouth. 

While there are plenty of dentists in Thailand, the price of going to get a tooth replaced can still cost you a lot of money, so it is better to avoid it. 

Spending Money

Most people who come to Thailand to train Muay Thai don't live lavishly. With a few thousand dollars you can have enough money to train, eat at most restaurants, and do some fun things in your free time.

While you can easily spend double this budget if you have expensive tastes, there is no reason to. Unless you are staying at a tourist camp that is charging you to stay at their "reserved" accommodation, save your money for things you enjoy doing.

One thing that can eat into your funds is going out and drinking. Some people have no control over their spending habits when they are drunk. Additionally, guys who are prone to fall in love with bar girls will also end up unloading a lot more extra cash that they didn't plan to.

Basic Equipment for Training (Optional)

I prefer to come prepared when I go somewhere, but if you don't have equipment you can buy everything you need in Thailand. Most of the gyms will sell equipment for around 30% more than you would pay outside of the gym.

If you have a favorite pair of gloves, shin guards and training clothes bring them. No reason to try and get comfortable with something new when you are in a foreign place.

You will probably end up buying stuff when you are in Thailand, so make sure you don't stuff your bag with too many unnecessary things. Leave some space for souvenirs and other things you will bring back with you.

In addition to your equipment, make sure you bring a good back to carry your stuff to and from the gym. 

Running Shoes

If you want to train seriously in Thailand you need to bring a good pair of running shoes. You will probably be running at least 5-10 km per day, so be prepared for it.

Any pair of shoes that you are used to will do. The cost of running shoes in Thailand are probably 20-30% more than your home country, so keep that in mind before coming.

An Unlocked Phone

When you arrive at the airport in Thailand you can buy a Sim card for your phone. To take advantage of this you need to have a phone that is unlocked. The 4g connection in Thailand means that you will have the internet wherever you go. 

No more getting lost down some small streets and misled by taxi drivers. Now you can drive with your map pulled out and always know where you are going. 

I recommend you go with True Mobile, but you can also use AIS as a carrier. Those are the two big telecom companies in Thailand and you can find them in the international airports when you arrive. 

It should cost around $20 for a month of the internet, which is cheap if you compare the cost to back home.  

Book Your Tickets Already

Now that you have a good idea what to bring, the most important thing is to book the ticket and commit to the trip. If you look ahead, you can get cheap tickets to Thailand for under $500 round trip, which is pretty insane. 

Once you visit Thailand, you will always wonder why you never went there earlier. As long as you keep an open mind, you will have the trip of a lifetime.