Where to Buy Muay Thai Equipment in Thailand

Where to Buy Muay Thai Equipment in Thailand

If you are planning on taking a trip to Thailand, you are probably thinking whether or not you should bring your Muay Thai equipment with you or you should buy it in Thailand.

The answer to this question depends on the current wear and tear of your equipment. If you just went out and bought a bunch of new stuff from our online shop, you probably don't need to worry about buying any equipment with you. However, if your equipment needs replacing, there are plenty of places to purchases new equipment when you visit Thailand.

This article is going to break down where you can purchase Muay Thai equipment in Thailand. It is going to walk you through the best places to purchase your equipment and where you should avoid buying your equipment.

Muay Thai Gym Shops

The first place that people purchase Muay Thai equipment in Thailand are at Muay Thai gyms. Most gyms will have a selection of gear from either Twins or Top King and will have shorts/shirts that are customized to their gym name. 

If you are going to spend a few weeks training at a gym in Thailand, it doesn't hurt to purchase a few items from the gym shop to support the local business. It is also a great way to bring back a few souvenirs from your stay in Thailand.

You should be careful of gyms that overcharge for their Muay Thai equipment. If your purchase a pair of gloves/shin guards, they should average around $60 USD or 2200 baht. If you are paying a lot more than that, you are probably overpaying for your equipment. 

The prices of shorts in most gyms in Thailand will cost around 900-1200 baht, depending on the cut and the brand of shorts that you buy. that is a price range of $30-45 USD. Most gym shirts will cost around 500 baht or $15 USD.

These prices are just guidelines and can very depending on the gym. If you notice a gym that is charging a lot more than these prices, I would probably check out a few other gym shops to purchase your equipment elsewhere.  

Muay Thai Brands

Throughout Thailand there are a number of different brands that have physical locations. Fairtex is the most prominent brand, being featured in a number of different malls across the country.

Top King has their own shop that is located near the old Lumpinee stadium, as well as the other Thai brands like Twins Special, Windy, Sandee, Thaismai, Raja and Lumpinee brands.

In Phuket, there are a number of other local brands like Street Fight and Fightlab that have shops on Soi-Taied road where the famous Tiger Muay Thai is located. 

The benefit of going directly to the stores is that you will typically get the best prices for equipment at these shops. The only problem is that when you visit a specific shop, they are usually out of the way and you don't have any other options to choose from when you are making a purchase.

Muay Thai Shops

Throughout Thailand there are a number of shops that sell a variety of Muay Thai equipment from different brands. The most famous of these shops is Super Export Shop that is located in Bangkok. I've been to this shop a few times and it is the largest shop that has the most brands available. If you want a place that has everything under one roof, this is the place to go.

Another shop that is quite popular is Action Zone that is located near the National stadium BTS. It requires a short walk and carries Twins and Fairtex brands. Right beside action zone there are a couple other Muay Thai shops that have a number of different brands also. 

Ordering Online

Another thing to consider when in Thailand is ordering your Muay Thai equipment online. MTP Fight Gear offers free shipping throughout Thailand when you order your stuff online. This is a great option for people who aren't in Bangkok and don't want to do much traveling to purchase their equipment.

If you decide to make a purchase online, another benefit is the returns and exchanges are very easy to do. All you need to do is drop your items off at the nearest Thai post and send it back to the mailing address.

Final Thoughts

If you plan on making a trip to Thailand and haven't updated your Muay Thai wardrobe, there are plenty of places where you can buy new equipment. Buying your equipment directly in Thailand is great because you can save on shipping and often pay lower prices.

Whether you purchase stuff from your local Muay Thai gym, go to the store, or order online, Thailand has plenty of options as to where to get your new equipment.