Why You Should Choose MTP Muay Thai Shirts

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Why You Should Choose MTP Muay Thai Shirts

When it comes to your Muay Thai style nothing can round out a good outfit better than the right training tee. As much as you might wearing your Nike or Reebox running shirts to training, those do no reflect you Muay Thai passion.

Fortunately, MTP shirts are designed for Muay Thai students who want to express their love of the sport. We offer a number of different styles, cuts, and colorways to ensure that you have an option you will love. 

Here are a few reasons why You should Choose MTP Shirts for Training

The Style – Express Your Love of Muay Thai

When it comes to style, we made sure that our MTP shirts all reflect Muay Thai, without being aggressive about it. We can’t stand the typical MMA styles shirts that are in your face “I’m a Fighter” type shirts that a lot of douche bags used to walk around in.

Our shirts are designed to show your love for the sport, while maintaining your style at the same time. Subtle details go a lot further than the over the top aggressive ones that we are used to seeing from other brands.

Weapons Tees

Our Weapons tees are the most popular style of shirt that we offer. These T-shirts SCREAM Muay Thai, without saying Muay Thai. Think of the font as an encrypted code that is for only people who understand what the sum of Punch, Teep, Elbow, Knee, Round House, in it’s total. Someone who doesn’t know anything about Muay Thai, would just see those lettering as someone who likes combat arts, not necessarily Muay Thai.  


The beauty of the MTP Weapons tees is that you can wear them to the gym or outside of the gym, and you will be making a statement with your apparel, without needing to say anything. You get to showcase your love of Muay Thai to other fans out there, without the need to explicitly state anything.

These shirts come in a variety of different colors which allow you to mix and match different outfits to wear them with. You can wear them with jeans, shorts, and especially your Muay Thai shorts as well. The weapons tees are an excellent companion for any training outfit and are a must have for people looking to take their style game to another level.

Eat Sleep Breathe Muay Thai Tees

Our Eat Sleep Breathe MTP tees are perfect for people who want to showcase their love of Muay Thai explicitly. Whether you are at training or outside of the gym, these shirts are perfect for showing your pride in your sport to others around you.

The beautiful design is not aggressive and in your face like a lot of other MMA style shirts that are out there. We pride ourselves in the art of subtly of expression and focus on trying to create styles that you would want to wear regardless of whether you are training or not.

MTP Eat Sleep Breathe shirts are one of the most popular style shirts we have because of their design and simplicity. They are a great shirt to wear to the beach or you can wear them to training as well. Regardless of where you wear the shirts, you can be sure that these shirts will make you look good.

MTP Tiger Tees

The MTP Tiger Tees are designed with pure style in mind. These shirts have a fierce Tiger and bold Muay Thai Pros lettering that showcases your love of the sport. The Tiger itself is a work of art and a beautiful in its expression of Muay Thai overall. Tigers are a symbol of protection, which is why we chose the Tiger as the main animal to put on the T-shirt.

We offer the MTP Tiger Tees in several colorways to go along with matching Muay Thai shorts or casual wear. The gold MTP Tiger Tee is great for wearing out at night because of the bold colors, it makes the shirt look premium. Our Beach colorway is perfect for people who want a t-shirt to wear during the day and casually look good in tropical colors.

The Tiger Tees are made from 100% premium cotton material, so they are ideal to use for non-training purposes, however, you can train in them if you are in a cooler climate wear you won’t be sweating as much.

Nak Muay Ying Shirts

The Nak Muay Ying collection is designed for women who want to express their Muay Thai identity to the world. Nak Muay Ying translates to Female Boxer in Thai, which is an expression of your identity as a Much Thai practitioner.

We designed these shirts to be used in training so you can match them with several different outfits that have similar colorways. These shirts are designed for women because it is important to celebrate the identity of female fighters. We wanted you to be able to identify with the Nak Muay Ying symbol on the shirts and wear them with pride while you are training.

MTP Shirt Designs – T-Shirts, Cut-offs, Training Shirts

Another reason MTP Muay Thai Shirts are the best is because we offer different styles to choose from. The first style of shirt is the regular T-Shirt cut. These shirts are designed to be form fitting an allow you to choose a size that works for you. If you like a tighter fit, you can go a size down or if you want a loose fit for training you can go a size up.


The Cut-off tees are perfect for anyone who wants to have freedom in their arms while they are training. The cut-offs expose the side of your obliques, so they are perfect if you are in good shape and want to show off some of the hard work you have been putting into the gym. If you work hard in the gym, why not show it off with pride?

The last style of MTP shirts is the training shirt. These shirts are form fitting and are less loose than the cut-off shirts that tend to move around while you are hitting the bag.  They are ideal for someone who wants to cover up all the exposed areas except for their arms and neck lining.

The Right Choice

If you are looking for a Muay Thai shirt to wear for training or casually outside of the gym, MTP has a style that you will love. We offer a selection of designs, cuts, and colorways that are going to make your friends jealous of your next level Muay Thai style.

Muay Thai is a beautiful art with a long tradition of excellent, and we wanted to modernize your look to fit within that tradition. Our Tees have been used by some of Thailand’s best fighters in countless gyms around the country. The feedback on the styles has been nothing less of amazing. People love them.