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A Guide to Buying the Best Muay Thai T-Shirts

When people think of Muay Thai, the first thing that probably comes to mind are Muay Thai shorts. Most people don’t think about Muay Thai t-shirts because frankly, there are not many good t-shirt designs out there.

While there are dozens of MMA companies that put out MMA designed t-shirts, Muay Thai shirts tend to involve sticking a brand label on the front of the t-shirt and calling it a design. While some people buy branded t-shirts, they are usually made from heavy cotton materials and are not ideal to train in.

Of all the Muay Thai products that are available, you could make the argument that the t-shirts are the weakest part. While Muay Thai short designs are colorful and unique, the shirts are quite boring and have little creativity in them.

One of the reasons for not paying too much attention to shirt design is because of the competition factor. When you make Muay Thai shorts you are only competing against companies that make shorts. However, when you produce Muay Thai shirts, you are essentially running against any company that products t-shirts, which is millions.

With so many branded shirts at available for such a low price, it makes it difficult to break into this market unless you can compete on design. Since there is so much more choice when it comes to t-shirt selection, it makes sense why you don’t see to many companies focusing on the t-shirt designs that they are selling.

Why Wear Muay Thai Branded T-Shirts

If you are a Muay Thai fanatic like myself, you may make it your mission to spread the word of Muay Thai to non-believers. One of the best ways to do this is with a Muay Thai branded shirt that tells others how much you love the sport.

While shorts are great to wear in training, you cannot walk around with Muay Thai shorts on. Since these shorts don’t have pockets, they do not make good casual wear. And as much as you would like to walk around with your equipment on, that would make you trying too hard.

Since shorts and equipment are out of the picture, the only way you can really show off you love for Muay Thai is through a shirt.

Types of Muay Thai Shirt Designs

When it comes to Muay Thai t-shirts there are 3 types of t-shirts you can choose. The first type of t-shirt is to have one with a Muay Thai brand label printed on it. You could have a shirt that says Twins Special on it. These shirts are typically pretty boring and have no creativity in the design.  

For the most part, all the big Muay Thai brands make t-shirts that have the brand label printed on them. This is used more of a brand marketing tool, than an actual way to sell t-shirts.

The next type of Muay Thai shirts you will find online are graphic t-shirts. Most of these tees tend to showcase an image of a fighter doing a Thai Wai (bowing down). Most of these graphics tend to be cheesy and you only see the try-hards wearing them on the street.

These graphic shirts look like the person wearing them is trying to say, “hey guys, look at me and my tough t-shirt, I am a fighter!” While fighter t-shirts with graphics are popular among MMA guys, I personally find them too aggressive. Sure, I used to wear Tapout tees when I was younger, but those brands have completely gone irrelevant in the past few years.

Unless you have a good graphic design on a t-shirt that is clever, most people probably won’t wear the design.

The other style of T-shirt are typography ones that have words printed on them in fancy lettering. As you can probably tell from our product offering, these are the designs that hit the message home the best. Words have a lot of meaning, and printing the right words can express how much you love the sport.

Choosing the Right Material for Your Shirt

When you choose a Muay Thai shirt it is important to understand what you plan on using the shirt for. If you want a t-shirt that you can wear casually outside of the gym, the material doesn’t matter as much. A general cotton t-shirt, polyester, dry-fit or mix will suit you. If you like the shirt design, you can wear it out anywhere.

However, if you plan on training with your t-shirt on then it is important that you choose the right material. Because you will be sweating a lot in your Muay Thai class, you need a material that will dry fast and can stretch a little bit. Cotton t-shirts can become soaked in sweat and become heavy when they are wet.  

I recommend you choose dry-fit shirts if you are planning on using them in the gym. This will give you breathability and will allow the t-shirt to dry much faster after training.


The price of Muay Thai shirts will range depending on the material and graphics that you get on the shirt. If you buy cheap cotton shirts made in China, you can get them for a lower price than shirts that are made from dry-fit materials.

Non-branded shirts are also very cheap because they don’t have to spend money making design. When you spend thousands of dollars creating the design of a shirt, you need to charge a higher price to reflect those design costs.

Most of the time the price of a shirt is reflected by either brand label or how much time goes into the design. Because shirts are widely available everywhere, they must be priced fairly or nobody will buy them.

Why Choose MTP Fight Gear

Our Muay Thai shirts have been designed by passionate Muay Thai fighters to reflect that passion into the t-shirt. Our designs are clean, simple, yet very effective in the message. If you wear our shirts people will know that you love the sport of Muay Thai.

We chose to design typography shirts because they look great and they show off your Muay Thai passion. The dry-fit material is used to ensure that you can use the shirts for training.

Anyone who is passionate about Muay Thai, should try our MTP Fight Gear shirts. We are confident that you will absolutely love the fit, comfort, and overall design.