A Guide to Choosing the Right Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

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A Guide to Choosing the Right Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

The most essential piece of training equipment you can have in Muay Thai is your Muay Thai Boxing gloves. Your Muay Thai gloves will be used on a daily basis to sharpen up all of the tools that you have at your disposal. 

The Muay Muay Thai boxing glove is unique to traditional Boxing gloves. While they both serve the same purpose, Muay Thai gloves are usually shorter in length and don't feature as much wrist support as traditional gloves.

The reason for the shorter wrist length is because Muay Thai fighters need movement in the clinch. If you try to clinch with traditional boxing gloves you will not be able to open up your hands and grasp your opponent's neck. This is the big difference between Muay Thai and Boxing gloves.

Muay Thai gloves are designed so you can easily open up the palms of the glove. The side effect of the design is that it doesn't feel as good when you are punching the bag as regular boxing gloves.

However, Muay Thai gloves are better for all around use and should definitely be a stable in your fight gear.

In this guide we will cover the basics of Muay Thai gloves when selecting the right one for you.

Materials Used

The first thing you should at when selecting a quality Muay Thai glove is the materials used. This is often the first sign of either a good or bad quality glove. Most poorly made gloves are going to be made from synthetic materials and semi-leather construction. 

Muay Thai gloves can be made of any material, but in general Cow Hide leather is going to provide you with good durability and comfort when you strike. If you put flashy designs and other materials on your gloves, your opponent may feel the scratch when you punch them.

Quality leather goes a long way in determining how much you love using your classic boxing gloves.

Stitching Quality

After you look at the materials used in the glove we can now take a look at the stitching quality of the glove. All top gloves have a double stitch line to ensure that the fabric holds under the duress of constant impact. A single stitch glove is pure sign of a cheap make. 

All gloves made in Thailand will be made with a double stitch, but you may find gloves made in China or Pakistan don't have the same quality of design.


The padding and protection that the Muay Thai glove offers is another key point. If you buy a glove that doesn't offer much protection on your punching knuckles, you may find that your knuckles start to wear down and tear after repeated hits to the bag.

The size of your glove can also determine the padding of the glove. If you choose a size glove that is too small, you may find that it doesn't offer you enough protection if you are a bigger guy who hits hard. 

Wrist Support

Another key factor that you need to look at when selecting a glove is the wrist support they offer. Quality gloves are going to provide you with good wrist support to ensure that you don't break your wrist when you strike a bag or hit someones face.

The wrist support level will vary and it is important to find a glove that can provide you with a comfortable fit, without restricting your blood circulation of your wrist. If you pull the wrist strap too tight, you may have issues with your hands turning blue.

The key is finding a good balance and glove that fits comfortably with your hand. 

Curve/Shape of Glove

The curve or shape of the glove is going to determine how it fits on your hand. Some gloves are better designed for smaller hands and some gloves are better designed for bigger hands. The reason why people prefer different gloves is because everyone has a different hand size.

Some people like their gloves a little bit looser fit, while others like it very snug on the hands. The key is to find a pair gloves that curves to your hand the best.


The design and style of a glove all comes down to personal taste. If you want a flashy design you are probably looking for a glove that is made from synthetic materials. Leather materials tend to be more mainstream and less flashy in their design.

Overall, the glove you wear says a lot about who you are in your training. Wear a glove that reflects your style. 

Size/Weight of Glove

The size and weight of your glove will often be determined by your current weight and your hand size. If you have massive hands, you probably want to choose a Muay Thai glove that is 12 oz or bigger. Small gloves will probably be too tight on your hands.

Similarly, if you have small hands you probably want to go with a 8-10 oz glove to ensure that it fits you correctly. 

Country of Origin

You can tell a lot about a glove by where it is made from. Some of the premium boxing gloves are manufactured in Mexico, Japan or Thailand. Gloves that are made in Pakistan or China are often inferior in quality and you will notice the difference.

As a general rule of thumb, if a brand doesn't advertise where it is made the answer is usually Pakistan or China. Brands you make their stuff in Thailand and Mexico are quick to point out that fact.