How to Choose the Best Muay Thai Gloves

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How to Choose the Best Muay Thai Gloves

When searching for your next pair of Muay Thai gloves it is important that you choose the right pair. There are hundreds of brands out there that sell Muay Thai gloves, but only a few of them produce high quality gloves.

This article is going to break down exactly what goes into making a high-quality glove, so you can narrow your search down to find the right brand.   

Muay Thai Gloves vs. Boxing Gloves

Before we talk about Muay Thai gloves, it is important to understand the difference between Boxing gloves and Muay Thai gloves. Why not buy a high-end pair of Cleto Reyes for your Muay Thai training? Well, it comes down to the design of the glove.

Boxing gloves have a longer wrist support, which gives them more support when punching. This ensures that the Boxers hands are locked into place when they throw a punch. Conversely, a Muay Thai glove has a shorter wrist cuff, to give Muay Thai fighters the ability to move around in the clinch.

Another big distinction is that Muay Thai gloves give you the ability to open and close the glove with your four fingers, this allows you to grab your opponent inside the clinch. A lot of Boxing gloves are in a locked position because boxers are not allowed to grab the back of their opponent’s neck. This is a key difference between Boxing and Muay Thai gloves.

Now that we have determined what makes a Muay Thai glove, let’s look at some important factors go into making a high-quality glove.

Wrist Support

Even though Muay Thai fighters engage in clinching, punching is a huge part of Thai Boxing. Because of this, you need to ensure that your glove has good wrist support in the glove. This means that Velcro look that locks your wrist in place, should be able to tighten properly around the wrist.

A weak wrist support will result in your wrist bending when you hit a hard target. This can lead to a sprained wrist depending on how far the wrist bends back. While hand wraps also provide wrist support, there should be natural support that is built in the gloves.

Comfort and Fit

One of the most important aspects of choosing a quality glove is finding a glove that has a good fit. There are plenty of gloves out there that are made well, but don’t feel good when you wear them.

Finding a glove with a good fit means that your hands fit perfectly in the glove. There won’t be an extra space inside the glove for your hand to slide around, and it won’t be too tight, so it restricts your blood circulation. Too much space in the glove will result in your knuckle skin peeling off from the friction when you punch.

Your hand size will also determine the fit of the glove. If you have huge hands, some smaller designed gloves are going to take time to break in. People with large hands, should wear heavier gloves because they are designed to have a larger opening.

Keep in mind that most gloves will expand to fit to your hand over time. So, if the initial fit is a little too tight for your comfort, give it a few weeks of hard training and you will find the glove starts to mold to your hands.

Knuckle Protection

Besides the fit of the glove, you also need to ensure that they provide good knuckle protection within the glove. This means they use high quality absorption padding foam that is going to take the impact of the punch and disperse the energy from your knuckles.

All the glove manufacturers in Thailand use the same three-layer foam system, which has been found to be highly effective. Since they use the same suppliers to get the foam, there is no difference in quality from padding from any Thailand manufacturers. The difference occurs when you buy gloves from brands that produce in Pakistan or China. These are typically cheaper brands that offer low quality products.

High Quality Leather

Whenever you buy gloves make sure you get a high-quality leather. It can be lamb, cow hide, even buffalo leather, but it needs to be leather. I’ve tried gloves that are made from PUA or fake leather and they don’t feel great. There is something about a glove that is made with plastics that just doesn’t have the same softness, no matter how hard they want to replicate the real thing.

A quality leather glove is going to last for 6 months to multiple years depending on how hard you train and how often the glove gets wet. If you are training in Thailand twice a day and your glove is constantly soaked with sweat, you will find that the glove will tear around the seems of the glove. This is normal because leather becomes soft when it is wet, and it tears much easier.

Lamb skin is the softest leather material used in making gloves, but it is also the easiest to tear. Because lamb skin gloves don’t last as long as cow skin, lamb gloves are usually used for competition only. If you decide to buy lamb skin gloves, only use it in a cooler climate where the gloves won’t get wet easily.

Design and Style

The design and style of a glove comes down to personal taste. I prefer the simple colors for my gloves, but other people like using flashy glove designs that will stand out in a crowd. Whatever your choice, there are thousands of designs available to choose from.

Keep in mind that most of the gloves with real fancy designs printed on the gloves are made from fake leathers, so what you get in design, you lose in quality.

Where to Buy Gloves

Unless you are living in a third world country that doesn’t have a good shipping infrastructure, most people order their gloves online. Online shopping ensures that you aren’t limited to whatever overpriced retail store is closest to you. You can also order directly from Thailand, which will save you the markup that retailers add on the products.

Made in Thailand

The final thing you should look for when purchasing a high quality Muay Thai glove is to find a glove that is made in Thailand. Any glove made in China or Pakistan is lower quality. Even a brand like Venum, produces their cheap models in China and have their premium gloves made in Thailand.

If the best brands are outsourcing their glove production to Thailand, there is a reason for that. Thailand has a long history of producing Muay Thai equipment. They manufacturers use the same supply chain to get their materials, so most of the gloves have the same quality standard. The only difference in gloves is the actual design of the glove, which can vary depending on the brand.

Why Choose MTP Gloves?

When we decided to create MTP Fight Gear, our goal was to produce the best equipment possible. To do this we ended up purchasing gloves from all the leading manufacturers and compared each glove one by one. The biggest test I did was the fit/feel/function test. This involved trying the gloves on with hand wraps and testing it on the heavy bag.

Once we found the perfect Muay Thai glove, we decided to produce them with our MTP touch. We went through the process of doing the research and finding the best glove, so we could be confident when we say that you will LOVE our MTP Muay Thai gloves.

Our gloves are made from premium cow hide leather and they fit great. No matter what brand of gloves you are currently using right now, I suggest you try our MTP gloves to feel the difference.