Muay Thai Shirts - What You Should Consider When Buying a Muay Thai Training Shirt

Muay Thai Shirts - What You Should Consider When Buying a Muay Thai Training Shirt

When you first start training in Thailand, you may notice that most of the men do not wear a shirt when they train.

The hot and humid weather combined with the tradition of Muay Thai fighters training shirtless, typically means that most guys don't wear shirts.

While you might bring your shirt to practice, the moment you start running around the gym, you will start to sweat. And when I say you sweat, I literally mean you will be dripping wet like you just came out of a swimming pool.

If you ever try wearing a cotton t-shirt that is full of sweat, you will probably realize that the shirts get heavy when they are wet. Materials like cotton tend to absorb the liquid and hold on to it. This means that your t-shirt will end up feeling a few pounds heavier at the end of your training session compared to the beginning.

This is why t-shirts aren't people among the gyms in Thailand. 

In addition to the added weight of a wet shirt, clinching among the guys is done without a shirt. 

Even if you want to keep your shirt on throughout the training session, by the end of training, you will be forced to take it off when you clinch. 

What Do Girls Wear to Training?

Most girls training in Thailand wear looser shirts that are made from synthetic materials like micro fiber or dry fit. These materials ensure that they can dry fast and that they do not absorb as much water as their cotton counterparts. 

Depending on your comfort level, you can wear a full t-shirt, or you can wear a cutoff t-shirt that has open sides. The cut-off shirts allow for more airflow when you train, but they also expose the sides of your ribs.

Most of the time girls wear sports bras under their cutoff shirts so they can get the maximum level of comfort during training. Of course, everyone is different, and it comes down to your own choice and comfort level. 

Our selection of MTP Fight Shirts are very popular among women who are training in Thailand because of their design and function. 

Why Dry Fit Material Is the Best for Training Muay Thai

Outside of Thailand, most gyms require students to cover up. This is to ensure you don't get a bunch of beef cakes walking around trying to show off their muscles, intimidating some of the other students.

So this means you need to train with a shirt on.

It is important that you choose a shirt that is going to give you the most mobility and won't constrict your arm movement. In addition to the elastic stretch of the shirt, you also need to make sure that you choose the right size.

You don't want to wear something that is too big. Otherwise, you will find the extra material flapping around when you start throwing multiple kicks on the bag. 

The best material to use when you are training Muay Thai is DryFit material. Dry fit clothing allows you better mobility, and it doesn't absorb all of your liquid. Shirts made from these materials are designed to dry fast, so you don't stay wet when you sweat.

Why You Should Choose MTP Fight Shirts

Our Muay Thai shirts are made from high quality dry fit material and are designed for form, function, and fit. Our stylish lettering ensures that you can represent your sport with pride, without looking like you are trying too hard.

All of our equipment has been used and tested by the best fighters in Thailand. This ensures that we produce quality products that are going to fit the average person. We offer a selection of sizes and styles to make sure that you can find something that fits your needs.