A Style Guide to Buying Muay Thai Shorts

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A Style Guide to Buying Muay Thai Shorts

When it comes to buying Muay Thai shorts there is an unlimited amount of choices to choose from. Like the sport of Muay Thai itself, the shorts used in competition have evolved from long boxing shorts to countless varieties of style and color.

While Muay Thai shorts are like Boxing shorts because they both can use Nylon and Satin materials, the biggest difference is the length of the shorts. Because Muay Thai fighters use lots of kicks throughout the fight, traditional Boxing shorts would restrict their legs from movement. That is why you always see Thai fighters rolling up their shorts.

In addition to the mobility that the short length has to offer, it also has another effect that Thai boxers want: visualization. When you see a hard kickers leg muscles flexed as they throw a kick, it makes the kick look more effective to the judges and the gamblers betting on the fight.

While there are thousands of different short designs, there are a few set patterns when it comes to the cut of the short. This article is going to talk about someone of the classic Muay Thai shorts you will find.

The Classic Cut

The first style of shorts is the classic Muay Thai cut. This is the cut that brands like Fairtex popularized over the years. In the classic cut, the shorts are a little bit longer than the other styles. To make the shorts an appropriate length, Thai fighters will roll up the waist band and the sides of the shorts to effectively reduce the overall volume of the shorts. Doing this helps to create a more form fitted shorts that can show off the fighter’s physique.

Some brands have classic Muay Thai short that are ideal for Westerners who are large and don’t fit in the traditional Thai shorts that most people wear. The sizing of these shorts tends to be American sizes, so if you are a standard Large in normal shorts, the large will be much baggier because they use a different size.

MTP Fight Gear doesn't carry any Classic shorts because there are so many thousands of designs already out there to choose from, there is no need to try and reinvent something that has already been done a million times.

The Retro Cut

In the past 5 years, there has been a big shift away from classic cut into more retro style cuts. These cuts of shorts have grown in popularity because they are shorter than the classic shorts and have larger openings on the side of the shorts. Nowadays, almost every Muay Thai brand offers a variation of the retro style shorts due to the popularity.

Retro shorts are much more comfortable to train in because they give you that extra room and they are simply more comfortable because there is less excess fabric. You will notice that most retro cut shorts have a panel mesh on the side of the shorts. This is simply a cosmetic design as there is no purpose to the panel besides adding more color variation.

MTP offers a selection of retro style Muay Thai shorts. We offer a line of classic colors that have a traditional feel, while at the same time being modern and stylish.

Modern Cut

A new style of shorts that has also grown in popularity is the modern cut. The modern cut shorts have a design that looks like running shorts because the sides of the shorts are stitched from two separate fabrics that are connected. The benefit of the modern cut shorts is it makes them more fitting for a lot of women who have a hard time finding a pair of shorts that look fashionable.

Women can wear the modern cut shorts a size smaller if they like a very right fit, or they can wear it their normal size. Men should use their regular size fit because the smaller size might take away much needed space around the groin area. Because the shorts don’t have much excess space, it is advised for men to wear underwear that compacts their groin and avoid wearing boxers or anything that is loose under the shorts.

MTP Fight Gear offers a selection of Modern style shorts that are very popular because of their simple, yet beautiful designs.

Choosing the Colors and Patterns

When it comes to choosing the colors and patterns on the shorts, I always suggest that less is more. Sometimes shorts that have too much going on, end up restricting the fabric of the shorts because ever pattern is a different patch that is sowed directly on the shorts.

For the color of the shorts, you can have different colored waistbands, short lining, side panels, and the short legs can be multi colored. Depending on the fabric that is used, that colors can vary quite a bit when it comes to Muay Thai shorts.

Any shorts that have a pattern on them, usually aren’t made from the premium cotton materials that are synonymous with Muay Thai shorts, so you should keep that in mind if you are looking for shorts with just patterns.

Muay Thai shorts are made from all kinds of materials, but premium Satin is the highest quality material that can be used when making Muay Thai shorts.

How to Style Your Shorts

How you style your Muay Thai shorts will depend on the type of cut you own. If your shorts are the classic shorts that are baggier and have more short length, you will need to take more steps to ensure that your shorts are styled properly.

Whenever you have a larger pair of shorts, the first thing you need to do is roll up the waistband of the shorts. By rolling up the waist band, that decreases the length of the shorts and allows you to hike them up a little higher on your stomach.

After you have rolled up the waistband, you can then tuck in the short fabric from left or right side of the shorts inside the waistband at the top of the shorts. Tucking in the sides of the shorts will decrease the length of the short legs to whatever desire length you want. This will give you the classic look that you see when fighters are posing with Muay Thai shorts.

Women typically don’t roll up their shorts as far as men do, in fact, they usually wear them a little higher on their stomach because they don’t need to leave room for the crotch area that men deal with. This allows the shorts to be higher up on the leg, without needing to roll the shorts up.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing the right Muay Thai shorts for training, it comes down to comfort and style. Choose whatever shorts you think are going to look good and make sure you choose a size that is going to fit you. If you choose as size that is a little too big, you can always roll up the shorts so that they give you the desired length.


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