REAL Customer Reviews of MTP Fight Gear

REAL Customer Reviews of MTP Fight Gear

If you are the type of person that likes to do your research before buying, I get that. I have a lot of people ask me if there are reviews of our products, and there definitely are. I have taken a handful of reviews that have been posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit.

These reviews are not fake, and are made from real people who have purchased our equipment from They were not given free equipment or asked to write the review of the products.

If you ever feel like reviewing our products please tag us on Instagram/Facebook or on reddit. We really appreciate the positive customer feedback. 


MTP Fight Gear Reddit Review

Reddit /user/chinny1190 posted this excellent review of MTP Muay Thai gloves. He purchased a pair of our 12 oz. gloves and absolutely loves them. Read the full review below.

Review of MTP Fight Gear Gloves from r/MuayThai

MTP Fight Gear Instagram Video Review

@DyanamicDarrell was kind enough to do this video review of our MTP Muay Thai gloves. He mentioned that after the gloves are broken in, they are next level in fit and quality. You can check out his full comments below. 

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Thanks @dynamicdaryll for the review of our gloves! 🙏 Get your pair today at ☝️ . 🎥 @dynamicdaryll - Muay Thai Pros Glove Review @mtpfightgear #muaythaipros #dynamicdaryll - 🥊Quality handmade gloves crafted in Thailand 🥊 100% Cow Hide Leather 🥊Wrist is secured, easy to flex 🥊Solid/Dense multi-layered foam padding 🥊Attached thumb 🥊Good fit, not too snug 🥊Tons of padding on the top of the hand 🥊Great for daily training - 💥Takes a little bit of time to break in 💥Thumb feels a bit short but over time you’ll get used to it - These are MTP Classic Muay Thai Gloves (12oz.) Great gloves for focus mitts, not ideal for sparring but can be used for controlled sparring and technical drills. Padding feels solid when you rip the heavy bag. *After 2 months of use EXCELLENT QUALITY FOR AN AMAZING PRICE!

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MTP Fight Gear Reviews on Facebook

Here are just a handful of the many positive reviews we have received about your gloves, shirts, shirts and shin guards on Facebook. These were real customers who left reviews after they purchased online. 

The Right Choice

As you can see from these reviews, we offer excellent customers service, fast shipping, and high quality products at an affordable price. If you are looking to upgrade your Muay Thai gear, then make sure you try MTP Fight Gear. We are confident you will love our stuff. 

If you have any questions about sizing or shipping, send us an email at and we'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.