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In traditional martial arts like Karate and Taekwondo, uniforms and belts were used to determine a fighter's rankings and abilities. As you moved up the latter, you would be promoted into a different belt. However, in the world of fighting sports like Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Boxing there are no such things as uniforms. If you ever show up at the Boxing gym, you won’t see any arbitrary ranking system that categorizes people based on how long they have been training. In combat sports, your skills determine how good you are, not the amount of time training.  You can train Muay Thai for...

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One thing that separates Muay Thai fighters from other strikers is their shorts. Muay Thai shorts are the unofficial uniform of Muay Thai students around the world. No matter where you train, if you see someone come to the gym wearing authentic Muay Thai shorts, you can bet that person is a Muay Thai striker. Click here to check out our NEW Muay Thai Short Collection Besides being the official shorts of Muay Thai students and fighters, the shorts are extremely great to train in. They have a simple base design, which you can customize by adding different patches on...

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