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As a Muay Thai beginner, it can be daunting to figure out what you need to start training Muay Thai. For some people, the upfront costs can be intimidating, especially if you aren't sure if you like the sport or not.  If you have never tried Muay Thai before, most gyms will offer a free introductory class. Gyms will usually provide a pair of gloves for you to use for your first class, so you can purchase gloves after you decide to sign up for a membership. With so many pieces of training equipment available, this article is going to break...

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Have you ever wondered why all the top Muay Thai brands all come from Thailand? If you think about it for a little bit, it makes perfect sense. Muay Thai is a sport that evolved within Thailand, so there was a direct need for manufacturers to create equipment for fighters to use as they were training. Most of the original Thai manufacturers all created their companies in the 1970s and 80s, at a time when Muay Thai was booming in popularity around the country.   Given the fact that Thailand has a culture of Muay Thai, the manufacturers had to...

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