The Ultimate Guide to Buying Muay Thai Shorts

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Muay Thai Shorts

One thing that separates Muay Thai fighters from other strikers is their shorts. Muay Thai shorts are the unofficial uniform of Muay Thai students around the world. No matter where you train, if you see someone come to the gym wearing authentic Muay Thai shorts, you can bet that person is a Muay Thai striker.

Besides being the official shorts of Muay Thai students and fighters, the shorts are extremely great to train in. They have a simple base design, which you can customize by adding different patches on the shorts. This is like BJJ Gis and the customization that you can add by patching your Gis.

Muay Thai vs. MMA. Vs. Kickboxing

When we talk about Muay Thai shorts it is important to understand the different between those shorts and MMA and Kickboxing shorts. Before I talk about the difference, let’s talk about some of the similarities that all fight shorts have in common.

There are no pockets in any type of fight short. Pockets are bad because toes and fingers can get caught in them. Plus, fighters don’t need to carry around loose change or items while they are training, that is what a gym bag is for.

Shorts are also made from fast drying materials like Nylon and other stretch fabrics to ensure that they do not rip during training. You will never see shorts made from cotton materials because cotton gets very heavy when it is wet.

The biggest difference between Muay Thai shorts is the design. Muay Thai shorts are designed to be short on the legs to expose a fighter’s muscles. If you are used to wearing baggy clothes, you might find it a little bit strange seeing all the Muay Thai students with their short legs rolled up.

Kickboxing shorts use the similar nylon satin material, but the legs are much longer. Kickboxing shorts will usually extend down to the knee. This will prevent any of the upper leg being exposed when you fight.

MMA shorts are very like swimming board shorts and are designed for grappling. Because MMA fighters are going to be rolling around on the mat, they need to have multi stretch material so the shorts don’t rip. MMA shorts also have more stretch in the groin area, to allow some extra room when you are grappling.

These shorts are designed to prevent your underwear from being exposed when you are rolling on the ground. If you train MMA, you should stick to MMA shorts for the grappling.

Anyone who trains Muay Thai should wear Muay Thai shorts. These shorts represent your background and you should wear them with proud. If you think they are too short for you, just wear them and you will get used to it.

Short Materials Used

Muay Thai shorts are made from Nylon, Satin, and polyester materials. The best shorts are designed from Satin, which is a more quality material that feels better than the cheaper shorts out there. Beware of the cheap shorts you can buy online; they are always made with the cheap material that is see through when you train.

I can’t tell you how many guys I see wearing shorts that expose their underwear. Spend a little bit more money on a quality pair of Thai boxing shorts and you will notice a big difference in quality.

In addition to the main material used in the shorts, most Thai shorts will have some patches that are stitched on the shorts. These patches can either be a gym name or they could be a fancy design. This will come down to what you want out of your shorts.

Short Style – Regular vs. Retro Shorts

There are two types of Muay Thai shorts you can purchase online. The first type of shorts are the standard Muay Thai shorts that every brand sells. These shorts have shorter legs compared to Kickboxing shorts, but can be a bit baggy if you don’t roll up the legs.

These shorts are by far the most popular shorts online. If you do a quick search for Thai Boxing shorts, you are going to encounter regular boxing shorts most of the time.

The retro shorts have a different cut. These shorts are designed to be much shorter than regular shorts, and don’t need to be rolled up to get a short look. The side legs use another material that is replaced in the seams to make the shorts tighter fitting around the leg.

Due to the extra materials and unique design, retro shorts are usually priced a lite bit higher than regular Thai boxing shorts. You won’t be able to find these shorts for under a certain price point.

Patches and Customization

When you purchase a pair of Muay Thai shorts you can add patches to the shorts. Some people add patches of their gym, some people put their name on the shorts, and other people use a quote. You can add anything on your shorts if it fits within the shorts.

The most common area that patches are used are on the front or back side of the shorts. Most Muay Thai shorts have the Thai lettering, “Muay Thai,” written in the Thai language on the front of the shorts.

If you want to get a patch added to your short you will need to order a custom pair of shorts that will cost more money. When you order custom shorts, the company will provide the blank pair of shorts and add the custom patches that you want. You will usually pay per patch and overall design.


Choosing the right sized shorts can be difficult. Since most Muay Thai fighters in Thailand are very small, the sizing in Thailand is completely different than the west. If you are a large in Western sizes, you are probably and XL or XXL if you buy Thai shorts.

The only brand that uses North American sizing is Fairtex. I made the mistake of buying Large Fairtex shorts and they size was massive. I couldn’t even wear the shorts because it was designed for someone 200 lbs. or more.

All the Thai brands like Twins and Top King use Thai sizing. Fortunately, each company has a sizing chart that will detail the corresponding waist sizes with their short size. If you get a size that is slightly too long, you can always roll up the pant legs.


Muay Thai shorts are priced between $15-50 depending on the brand, style and materials used to make the shorts. If you buy a cheap pair of shorts, expect them to use a cheap material. You always get what you pay, so keep that in mind if you are trying to find a cheap pair of shorts.

If you want to order a customized pair of Muay Thai shorts, you are probably looking at a price for $35-70 depending on how many shorts you order and what you want printed on the shorts. Companies are willing to offer discounts if you buy more product. So, if you are looking to purchase shorts for your entire gym, you can talk about gym discounts available.


There are many different brands that produce Muay Thai shorts. In terms of quality, the prices indicate what kind of materials are being used and the quality of the production. The styles, fabrics, and patches are very similar among the various brands. Once you reach the upper price point, they all use the same process and materials for the shorts.

How to Style Your Shorts Effectively

If you want to style your shorts like a Muay Thai fighter in Thailand, you need to be prepared to expose lots of your leg. The first step to styling your shorts is to roll up your waist once. This means your patch will be folded upside down at the waist of your shorts. This has the effective of shorten the shorts by two or three inches.

Once you have rolled up the top waist once, you can then tuck in each leg of your shorts near the top of the shorts. These shortens the legs of the shorts, which help to expose more of the leg muscle. Typically, more Thai fighters tend to roll up one leg more than the other. There best kicking leg is often the one that is rolled up the most.

Why Do Fighters Roll their Shorts Up?

The following is my theory on why Thai fighters roll up their shorts so much.

Besides exposing their leg muscles and sex appeal (joking), most Thai fighters start training Muay Thai when they are very small (under 10 years old). Because a lot of these boys come from poor rural gyms, some of them must wear hand-me-down shorts from other fighters at the gym.

Since these shorts end up very baggy on the Thai boys, the start rolling them up so they will fit normally. As these boys grow, the shorts become smaller, but they keep rolling them up. This eventually turns into a habit that the fighters are used to doing. Once something becomes a habit, you pretty much do it regardless of the length of the shorts.

I’ve seen Thai fighters roll up the retro shorts, even when they aren’t designed to be rolled up. This is because they have a habit of rolling up their shorts.

Why Choose Our Muay Thai Shorts?

MTP Fight Gear shorts are premium fight shorts that are hand made from a small factory in Bangkok. Each pair of shorts goes through a quality approval to ensure that you are getting the best designed shorts.

This is a company that was started by fighters for fighters. I’ve used hundreds of Muay Thai shorts over the years and know exactly what I like and don’t like in a pair of shorts. When you purchase our shorts, you can be sure that you are getting a premium product.

We offer the standard Muay Thai shorts or the retro style shorts. The standard shorts are longer in the legs and are better suited for people who want a longer and baggier short. The retro style shorts are popular among women and guys who like wear shorter shorts.

Retro style shorts are slowly becoming more in demand as they are more comfortable to wear than the regular Muay Thai shorts.

Another reason why you should choose our shorts is because we offer great prices. While we could charge a lot more for our shorts, we only charge prices that offer great value. You can look online at any other retailer and you will notice how reasonable our prices are.

Since we are not a big company like some of the other Muay Thai brands out there, every pair of shorts you receive is unique. You will be one of the select few who are using the MTP Fight Gear brand. A fact that you should be proud of.

Choose Whats Right For You

Choosing the right Muay Thai shorts will depend on several factors. If you go with a quality brand like MTP Fight Gear, you can be sure that you are getting the best materials used in the shorts.

The key to getting the right pair of Muay Thai shorts is to choose sizing the works for you. Use the recommended size chart on our website and you will be able to correspond the size to your waist size. Remember, that the retro shorts fit much tighter than the regular Muay Thai shorts. If you want a looser fit, go with the classic Muay Thai shorts because they offer more room.

If you are interested in customized Muay Thai shorts, send us an email and we can give you more information about customizing your shorts. The price of customized shorts will depend on the order size and number of patches. The turnaround time on customized shorts is around 3-6 weeks depending on the backlog.

No matter what pair of shorts you decide to go with, it is important that you wear Muay Thai shorts if you train Muay Thai. Remember, this is our unofficial uniform that tells other fighting styles our background. Be proud of that fact.