Why Does Thailand Make the Best Muay Thai Gear?

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Why Does Thailand Make the Best Muay Thai Gear?

Have you ever wondered why all the top Muay Thai brands all come from Thailand? If you think about it for a little bit, it makes perfect sense. Muay Thai is a sport that evolved within Thailand, so there was a direct need for manufacturers to create equipment for fighters to use as they were training. Most of the original Thai manufacturers all created their companies in the 1970s and 80s, at a time when Muay Thai was booming in popularity around the country.


Given the fact that Thailand has a culture of Muay Thai, the manufacturers had to create Muay Thai gear that was high quality for the Boxers to use. That is why Thailand is known to produce the best Muay Thai equipment in the world. This is also similar to Boxing, where countries like Mexico are known to produce some of the best Boxing gloves like Cleto Reyes because they have a tradition of Boxing for the past century.

The sport of a country helps create the industry around that sport. Why countries like China and Pakistan can create factories to replicate MMA/Muay Thai equipment, the quality is not the same because the supply chains are different.

Muay Thai Gear made in Pakistan or China

If you do a quick search on Amazon, you will notice cheaper brands that sell Muay Thai equipment. Any bit of investigation will find that these brands all produce their products in Sialkot, Pakistan. This city in Pakistan has been producing cheap Karate and Martial arts gear for the past few decades, which makes sense why some brands are outsourcing equipment to be made there.

Brands like Hayabusa make all their equipment in China at their own factories. The downside of producing equipment in a place like China is that you don’t have the same supply line that they have in Thailand. While Hayabusa might be able to make higher quality Muay Thai gear because they have a factory and produce everything in house, other brands that use generic factories will find that they quality of the equipment is low.

Supply chain is everything in Muay Thai production. That is why when you purchase from most Thai brands, you can be sure the leather they use is high quality because they all get it from the same few producers in Thailand. Thailand is also a country that is known for producing leather goods, which is why the make great Muay Thai gloves.

When you decide to purchase new Muay Thai equipment, I would recommend you avoid buying any gear made in Pakistan or China. These two countries have been known to produce low quality items that are cheap to make. For example, a wholesaler can buy gloves in China/Pakistan for $10-15 per glove, while the minimum cost wholesale in Thailand is around $35-40 per pair. The difference in quality is reflected in this price, which is why you always pay more for higher quality products.

Tried Tested and True in Thailand

When it comes to purchasing any Muay Thai gear for training, you want to buy gear that has been used by professionals. Nothing is worse than buying untested equipment that ends up ripping and tearing when you put it under hard use.

Thailand has nearly 100,000+ current and ex Muay Thai fighters around the country. This means that every piece of equipment that is produced gets tested by the best of the best. These fighters train twice a day for 6 hours every day, 6 days a week. With this amount of volume, any deficiency in equipment means that the gyms will never order from that brand again. Thus, every manufacturer has to meet a minimum standard of quality for it to continue operating.

Why MTP Fight Gear?

When we set about creating MTP Fight Gear, we wanted to find the best manufacturers in Thailand to create our equipment. This meant that we had to get samples from over half a dozen of the top factories to test the quality of the equipment that they offered. To choose our manufacturer, we did a comfort and performance test on all the gloves.

Our obsession with finding the perfect glove came out of the desire to create a brand that represented the best of what Thailand has to offer. While the materials used in all the gloves are often the same, the key to a glove’s performance is the quality and feel when you put the glove on.

Once we finished testing all the manufacturers in Thailand, we settled on the supplier we felt made the best Muay Thai equipment. We wanted to make gear that we would want to buy ourselves, which is exactly what we ended up doing.  

In addition to our equipment, our Apparel is another part of our brand that we wanted to focus on making the best. Once again, we made sure that our Muay Thai shorts and shirts are all produced directly in Thailand, so you know that 100% of everything you buy at MTP Fight Gear is Thai made at the best factories in Thailand.

The MTP Designs

What sets MTP Fight Gear apart from other Muay Thai brands is our designs. We wanted to set about creating a Muay Thai brand that would feature designs that we wanted to wear. This meant avoid the typical fighter t-shirts that you often see in most MMA brands like Tapout or Affliction, and create a brand that represented the humble spirit of Muay Thai.

Since there are a lot of Thai brands that offer traditional Muay Thai scripts on their shorts and traditional Muay Thai designs, we wanted to avoid making tradition designs. If you want to own classic looking shorts, there are dozens of other brands that offer that. We wanted to be different.

We want you to wear our products with pride that it is a true reflection of your passion for the sport. That pride often means staying true to the roots of Muay Thai, while at the same time offering something that is unique and stylish.

Besides the fact that we make the highest quality equipment, MTP designs are second to none. If you are looking to purchase the highest quality Muay Thai equipment made in Thailand, I recommend you check out our stuff.