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When people think of Muay Thai, the first thing that probably comes to mind are Muay Thai shorts. Most people don’t think about Muay Thai t-shirts because frankly, there are not many good t-shirt designs out there. While there are dozens of MMA companies that put out MMA designed t-shirts, Muay Thai shirts tend to involve sticking a brand label on the front of the t-shirt and calling it a design. While some people buy branded t-shirts, they are usually made from heavy cotton materials and are not ideal to train in. Of all the Muay Thai products that are...

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One thing that separates Muay Thai fighters from other strikers is their shorts. Muay Thai shorts are the unofficial uniform of Muay Thai students around the world. No matter where you train, if you see someone come to the gym wearing authentic Muay Thai shorts, you can bet that person is a Muay Thai striker. Besides being the official shorts of Muay Thai students and fighters, the shorts are extremely great to train in. They have a simple base design, which you can customize by adding different patches on the shorts. This is like BJJ Gis and the customization that...

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The most essential piece of training equipment you can have in Muay Thai is your Muay Thai Boxing gloves. Your Muay Thai gloves will be used on a daily basis to sharpen up all of the tools that you have at your disposal.  The Muay Muay Thai boxing glove is unique to traditional Boxing gloves. While they both serve the same purpose, Muay Thai gloves are usually shorter in length and don't feature as much wrist support as traditional gloves. The reason for the shorter wrist length is because Muay Thai fighters need movement in the clinch. If you try to...

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