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Discover why MTP Fight Gear offers a premium glove that offers you the best comfort, fit and quality. Hand made in Thailand, MTP gloves are designed by fighters for fighters. Our gloves are extremely comfortable and provide the most protection for your knuckles and wrist.

When it comes to choosing the right gloves for your Muay Thai training, our gloves are the best. Made from the highest quality materials, our gloves are all hand made in Thailand. 

Here are a few reasons why you should choose MTP Muay Thai Gloves for your Training:

The Perfect Fitting Gloves

When we were searching for a factory to produce our gloves, we ended up getting samples from all of the top factories that make all the big name brands in Thailand. We tested the fit/feel of every glove design produced and we chose the one that we unanimously agreed was the best fit. You can test our gloves against any of the top brands including Twins/Raja and you will agree that our fit is better.

I say this with confidence because we have had hundreds of people giving us feedback agreeing that our gloves have the best fit. They are initially snug when you put them on, but after a week or two of training they break in perfectly. Whatever brand you currently use, you will be happy to make the switch over to MTP Muay Thai gloves. 

If you are a personal who doesn't have extremely large hands, you are going to love the fit of our gloves. If you have over sized hands and have a difficult time fitting gloves, then you will need to choose a larger glove size.

Made in Thailand

When it comes to choosing the right Muay Thai gloves you need to choose a brand made in Thailand. There is a reason why brands like Venum have cheap models made in China, and have premium models made in Thailand.

Thailand is the best producer of Muay Thai products in the world. There is a rich history of Muay Thai in Thailand and the factories have learned to create products that last in the worst conditions. The extremely humid weather in Thailand makes equipment fall apart much faster than other countries.

In order to survive the elements of Thailand, the Muay Thai gloves need to be made with a high quality standard. That is why our MTP Muay Thai gloves are all produced in Thailand. This ensures you are getting the same quality of product that you get from any other major Muay Thai brand that produces in Thailand.

Made from Premium Leather

Having tried a number of different gloves made from synthetic leathers to plastic, there is no disputing the fact that leather gloves are the best. The feel, flexibility and even smell of leather is something that cannot be replaced by other fabrics used to make gloves.

All MTP Muay Thai gloves are made from cow hide leather. The reason Cow-hide is popular for gloves is because it has enough strength to withstand constant blows, without tearing. Other leathers like lamb skin feel extremely soft, but they are more likely to tear because it is a softer leather.

Our Thai pads and mitts are made from Buffalo leather, which is a stronger leather that is rougher, but can endure more punishment. 

Wrist Support and Padding

Besides feeling good when you put them on, our MTP Muay Thai gloves also have excellent wrist support and padding around the knuckles. The wrist support ensures that when you throw a hard punch, your wrist doesn't end up bending the wrong way and getting sprained.

Hurting your wrist from weak wrist support is possible if you use a cheap glove that is made in Pakistan or China. The wrist cuff should be stuff and strong enough to support your wrist when the glove is properly on.

MTP gloves also utilize a 3 foam padding system to ensure that you have protection in your knuckles. With the addition of hand wraps, you will have all the protection that you need when you are punching a heavy bag or Thai pad.

Simple and Stylish

We pride ourselves in our simplistic design that is meant to be a minimalist approach to training. That is why you will notice that all of our training equipment is a simple patch on the glove with the logo and that's it. No fancy patterns or words that will distract you.

One reason for keeping the designs simple, is it helps make the gloves last longer. The more patterns and stickers you have heat transferred on the leather, the more they rub off after time. The less designs you have on the leather means it won't fade/rub off after time.

This ensures that MTP Muay Thai gloves look newer for longer. Which is one of the many reasons why love the minimalist design. 

Unbeatable Price

Besides having the best Muay Thai gloves on the market, we also sell our gloves at an extremely low price compared to other brands. 

How are we able to charge lower prices for equipment? We only sell direct to consumers and don't sell to retailers/distributors. This means that you buy directly from us and save the difference that a retailer marks up the product.

By selling our products directly to you, we pass on the savings to you. This is just another reason why MTP Muay Thai gloves are the best gloves on the market. You are not only getting the highest quality glove, you are getting the best possible price. 

The Right Choice

If you are looking to purchase Muay Thai gloves, you should give our MTP Muay Thai gloves a try. Not only do we have the best fitting gloves on the market, we also offer the best value on the market. Because we don't have any third-party distributors of our gear, we pass on the savings to you. This means you will save 20-30% off your equipment cost by buying through MTP Fight Gear.