Muay Thai Shorts (2019 Collection)


MTP Premium Muay Thai Shorts

MTP Muay Thai shorts are hand crafted in Thailand to ensure that we produce highest quality shorts. We offer the best Muay Thai shorts that are available in the market that are made from high quality satin materials.

All of the MTP shorts are hand crafted in Bangkok, Thailand. This ensures that we produce the highest quality shorts that are available in the market.Every few months we release new short designs that are different colorways and patterns. 

Retro Muay Thai Shorts

Our retro cut shorts provide a snug fit that has a mesh side with different colors and a Thai script on the front of the shorts. This is a modern take, on a traditional style of Muay Thai shorts. The front modern Thai script on the front translates to "Muay Thai."

We offer a selection of Black, Blue, Red, Red/White, Pink and Gold shorts available in our retro cut shorts. These shorts are a modern take on traditional shorts. 

World champion and Lumpinee stadium champion Littewada Sitthikul and Australian top female Brooke Farrell have all used our retro cut shorts in training and in the ring. 

These shorts are bold and bright and go along with our other training equipment. 

MTP Retro Cut Shorts

Sublimation Print Muay Thai Shorts

MTP sublimation shorts are also designed to be the lightest shorts on the market and have the pattern printed directly on the shorts. These premium sublimation shorts have two different patterns.

Our first shorts are the highlander red plaid Muay Thai Pros shorts that extremely light and very comfortable for training. The second style we offer is the mamba yellow snake skin Muay Thai Pros shorts. These shorts have a snake skin pattern and are designed to pop when you are training. 

Modern Muay Thai Shorts

Our new 2019 collection of modern cut shorts have a unique design that are very popular.

The Modern cut shorts are similar to running short cuts that offer more flexibility, while being form fitting. The modern cut are the best Muay Thai shorts for men and women who are looking for a stylish shorts that offer comfort and fit.

We offer four unique colors in our modern cut shorts: The Miami Vice, Southbeach Nights, Royal Kings and Bucks Hunters colorways.

Each colorway is designed to stand out on its own. The shorts are beautifully designed and the cut is a favorite among women. 

As you can see from this picture, the modern cut is designed to offer more leg room, while still maintaining its proper fit. These shorts can only be found at MTP Fight Gear. 

Best Prices Available Online

If you are looking for high quality Muay Thai shorts at affordable prices, we offer a select number of discounted shorts that are available throughout the year. While other brands sell quality shorts at high prices, we believe in providing the best value for you. Every pair of MTP shorts is priced to market standards and is not over priced like other popular brands that sell shorts online.

We are proud to offer the highest quality shorts at the best prices to ensure that you get the most value for your money. We understand that most Nak Muays have a tight budget, which is why we have a selection of products that are offered at lower prices. 

Tested in Thailand by Champions

All of our Muay Thai shorts have been used at some of the best fighters in Thailand who have trained at the following top Thai boxing gyms in Thailand: Sitsongpeenong, Sinbi Muay Thai, Tiger Muay Thai, Phuket Top Team, Sitjoapho, Eminent Air, Charn Chai Muay Thai, Yodyut Muay Thai and Attachai Muay Thai. 

We support a number of top level fighters in Thailand through sponsorship opportunities that help provide them with free equipment for their training needs.

Our Muay Thai shorts are all designed to be used in the grueling elements of Thailand with high heat and humidity. The shorts are made from high quality satin material to ensure that they are able to dry fast and maintain their quality with hundreds of washes.

While the color of the patches will fade over time, the actually Satin material will remain vibrant over the years. Each pair of shorts is designed to last for years. If you have any issue with our shorts you can return them for a full refund within 30 days.