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Our MTP retro black Muay Thai shorts are designed for comfort, fit and function. We have the most premium black Muay Thai shorts on the market that have been used by some of the best Muay Thai champions in the world.

Black Muay Thai Shorts

This is Muay Thai Lumpinee and World Champion Littewada Sitthikul

Our black shorts are one of our most popular color options because they look great with any outfit that you pair it with. Our black shorts have black satin on the front of the shorts with a side panel mesh that is also black. The black on black colors makes them look premium. 

Discover your own sense of style with our stylish Muay Thai shorts that are designed to impress those around you. 

The MTP Muay Thai shorts have a low-cut leg to give you freedom of movement when you are training. These shorts are popular for people who train in Thailand where most fighters wear roll up their shorts.

The front of the Shorts feature Thai Script that translates to 'Muay Thai'

Size Chart and Guide

Choosing the right sized shorts are going to depend on a number of factors. The first factor, of course, is your waist size.

I am a size 31-32 waist in regular pants and I use the Large size. I weight between 150-160 lbs. I prefer to have Thai shorts a little bit smaller (Thai Style), which is why the Large size is the right fit for me. 

Most men are probably going to fit size L to XX-L depending on your waist size and most women will fit between the Medium-Large size. You should remember that Muay Thai shorts are designed to be shorter than regular Boxing, Kickboxing or MMA shorts.

This is part of the 'Thai Fighter's Style' that you will see when you train in Thailand.

If you choose shorts that correspond with your waist size, that is the easiest way to be sure you will find a pair that fits you.


Hand made in Thailand - These shorts are all hand stitched and designed in Thailand. These shorts are designed for style and made to last. 

100%  High-Quality Satin Material - Satin offers a premium feel and quality of the material. They last longer than Nylon and are more durable. You also won't run into problems of having your shorts see through. 

Hight Cut Legs - The legs are designed to give you the maximum movement when you are training.

Beautiful Designs - Our designs will impress people around you. Learn why MTP Shorts are simply the best around. 

If you are looking to find a high quality pair of premium black Muay Thai shorts, make sure you give our shorts a try. We have perfect reviews from customers who have purchased our shorts. 

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They fit and comfortable just what I expected keep up the good work guys.

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