Muay Thai Shirts

Express your true love of Muay Thai with our MTP Muay Thai T Shirts. Each design was created with the expression of Muay Thai in mind. Whether you are a casual Muay Thai fan or a dedicated fighter, our shirts will show off your passion for Muay Thai.

MTP Muay Thai shirts are either made from high quality dry-fit material or premium cotton. You can feel the quality in our shirts when you try them on. We offer a huge range of sizes, colors, and styles that will fit your training needs. 

Our shirts have been tried and tested by top fighters in Thailand. The dry-fit and cotton shirts are great for anyone who wants to show their love of Muay Thai inside or outside of the gym.

As you can see, both the Cut-off weapons shirts and Tiger tees look awesome with our MTP Muay Thai shorts. We have the color combinations that will take your style game to the next level. 

Premium Muay Thai T-Shirts

If you are looking for casual Muay Thai shirts to wear outside of training, you should look at our Muay Thai Tiger Tees. These tee shirts are made from 100% cotton material to ensure a soft and comfortable fit. While you can use these shirts for training, they are ideally used for casual wear as they will absorb sweat because of the cotton material.

All of our shirts are used by top professional fighters in Thailand who compete at a regular basis. We pride ourselves in providing premium equipment to high level fighters who have achieved a lot in the sport.

This is Muay Thai champion Brooke Farrell and Daisy after a hard session of training in our MTP Tiger Tees. These shirts can be worn casually or they can be used to soak up sweat in the gym. 

Dry Fit Muay Thai Training Shirts

Besides our premium cotton Tee shirts, we also sell dry fit training shirts that are designed for heavy use at the gym. We offer our classic Weapons signature tee shirt in this cut and also our Eat, Sleep, Breathe Muay Thai shirts as well.

Our Muay Thai training shirts are very popular for fighters and beginners who don't want to train without a shirt, but still look stylish while they are at the gym. They are unisex shirts, which means that they fit everyone.

Cut-off Muay Thai Shirts

Our Cut off shirts are extremely popular (especially for women) who like to have freedom of arm movement when you train. These are loose fitting shirts that won't restrict you when you are punching or kicking during training. The rib vest shirts are made from premium dry fit material to ensure their durable.

We offer the cut-off shirts in both the weapons text and the Eat, Sleep, Breathe text as well. Additionally, we have a wide selection of shirt colors from red, blue, white, neon green, neon blue, neon pink and black. These shirts are extremely popular. 

Eat, Sleep, Breathe Muay Thai Collection

In addition to our Weapons and Tiger Tees, we also offer the classic Eat, Sleep, Breathe Muay Thai collection of shirts. These shirts come in both full t-shirt and cut-off versions and are made from 100% dry-fit material that is perfect for training or casual use.

The shirts are designed to reflect your passion for the sport with a timeless saying that embodies the true spirit of Muay Thai. Whether you need a training shirt, or you want something to wear in your free team, make sure you take a closer look at the Eat, Sleep, Breathe, collection of shirts that we offer.

The Right Choice

If you are looking to find the perfect Muay Thai T-Shirt for your training, then make sure you choose our MTP Muay Thai shirts. These shirts are perfect for anyone who is looking to take their style game to the next level. 

Our MTP Muay Thai tees are perfect for training at the gym or casual wear outside. Let people know your love of the sport by wearing one of our classic tees.