MTP Muay Thai Pads Curved Style

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Our MTP Muay Thai pads are designed to protect your forearms and wrists from even the hardest hitting fighters. These curved pads are individually handmade in Thailand from the finest materials and stitching. You can expect to have a Thai pad that will last you for years with these quality pads.

The curved ergonomic shape of the pads makes it easier for students to kick the center of the pads. This prevents kicks from hitting the upper or lower part of the pad which can lead to injuries on the pad holder. Our curved pad is a 'best in class' item that is used by the best fighters in the world.

Product Features

  • Made with 100% Thai Leather - Our curved pads are made with premium Thai leather to ensure that you get a comfortable feeling when you hit the pads.
  • Foam padding protection - The pads are stuffed with premium materials and foam to ensure that you get the most protection when you are striking the pads. This is thick enough to absorb the blows on even the hardest hitting fighters. 
  • Hand Made in Thailand - All of our pads are individually hand made from the best factories in Thailand. We do no compromise when it comes to quality. While other brands are made in China and Pakistan, we ensure that every product is made in Thailand.
  • Velcro Straps - The Thai pads have a velcro strap design to ensure you can easily put on and take off the pads. The velcro straps also ensure that the Thai pads don't get rusted after a lot of use.