Shin Guards


MTP produces the best in class shin guards that are designed to offer you the utmost protection. Every pair of shin guard is hand stitched in Thailand to ensure that you get the best quality and design.

All of our products are made from premium materials to ensure that they last and have a very comfortable fit. You can be confident that you will be happy with your purchase when you grab a brand new pair of our shin guards.

Full Shin Protection

The MTP Shin Guards provide a full shin coverage from the front of the shin to the side of your leg. This means if you check a kick from the side you will still have protection. The padding on the front of the shin guard is dense foam, which means that you can take full impact kicks in your shin and you will not feel pain.

The bottom protection for the foot also ensures that you have good coverage if case you land a head kick. It should be noted that the ends of your toes will not be covered fully by the shin guard, so make sure you properly trim your nails. 

Made in Thailand

When it comes to choosing the right shin pad it is important that you choose a brand that is made in Thailand. While you might be tempted to buy the cheap crap on Amazon that is low cost, those brands use low quality materials and they are outsourced from China and Pakistan.

We use the same factory as the top brands in Thailand, which is why you can count on the quality of our products. Our MTP shin guards are hand cut and stitched in the factory to ensure they highest quality.

The reason why Thailand produces the best Muay Thai equipment is because of the history of Muay Thai and competition in the country. Muay Thai evolved from Thailand, which is what created the entire industry of producing equipment. These industries had to produce products that were able to stand heavy usage and a humid climate. 

Premium Leather Materials

When it comes to choosing your Muay Thai equipment, there is a huge difference between cheap synthetic materials and premium Cow hide leather. The cheap synthetic plastics have a fake smell and are much stiffer when you touch them.

While they are much cheaper to produce, there is a big difference in quality and feel of them. 

The easiest way to tell if a product is synthetic is often the price. All of the cheap products are typically made from "semi-leather" or "nano" technologies that are basically another word for cheap plastic materials. 

After trying the fake leather options that were available, we made the decision to make sure all of our products were made from 100% cow hide leather in Thailand. This ensures that we keep the quality at the highest levels .

Velcro Strap Enclosure

Our Shin guards offer a velcro strap closing mechanism, to allow them to fit on any size leg. The velcro straps go around your leg and can be adjusted for tightness depending on how you like to wear them.

The other style of shin guard is the hook and look style. The hook and loop shin is a little tighter fit, and will fit firmly in place when they are adjusted properly. 

Your feet are held in place by elastic bands that are attached to the bottom of the foot protection. When you first use the shin guards, they will feel a little tight for the first week or two until you break them in.

The Best Value

MTP shin guards offer the best value for your money. You will not find another premium brand that is made in Thailand that offers more value than our MTP shin pads. 

Because we sell directly online, it allows us to lower the markup on our products because we don't need to worry about a physical location. We also don't do wholesale orders, which means you won't be able to get MTP Fight Gear in a regular shop that marks up the price.

This allows us to pass on the savings to you, the customer, and ensure that you get the most value for your money. 

The Right Choice

We offer the best Muay Thai shin pads available online. Our shin guards are manufactured directly in Bangkok and are hand made. Everything from the adding, stitching, leather, and fit makes MTP shin guards the right choice for any fighter.

All of our products are tried and tested by some of the best fighters in Thailand. We believe that if it is good enough for the best fighters, it is good enough for you.

Not only do we offer a great product, we also make sure that you get the most value for your money. If you need a new pair of shin guards, I highly recommend you check out our MTP shin pads.