Product Features

Why Choose MTP Fight Gear?

Hand Made in Thailand

All of our Products are individually hand crafted in Thailand. This means that every product you buy has been made with the highest standards in quality and design. 

100% Genuine Cow Leather 

All of our equipment is made with REAL Thai leather. No synthetic plastic materials are used in any of are products, which ensure they have the best feel and highest quality. We only use the best materials for our products. 

Best in Class Design

We have designed each product to ensure that you get the best Fit and protection in training. Regardless of your size, we have a size that will fit everyone. Unlike other brands that try to throw everything under the kitchen sink, MTP Fight gear prides ourselves on simple, clean designs that you can be proud to wear.

"Feel the Difference"

We pride ourselves in making the BEST boxing glove on the market. Whether you are like Twins, Top King, or Fairtex, or any other popular Thai brand we are almost positive you will like our gloves better.