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The new Miami Vice Modern cut Muay Thai shorts are designed for style and fit. Our low cut shorts have a wide cut leg to give you more room when you are kicking.

Our Miami vice style shorts are extremely popular among Nak Muay's who want a modern look and feel. The cut of these shorts is very popular among women because the high crotch allows for you to hike the shorts up higher on your waist.

These shorts are also popular among men who like to wear their shorts higher up on the waist and don't mind a tight fit when they are training. 

Made from premium satin materials, these shorts are second to none in terms of style and performance. 

The front of the shorts features our new stylish Muay Thai Pros logo on the left side so it does not obstruct movement.

The waistbands are elastic and stretch, so the fit will form to your waist without being too restricting. 

Size Chart and Guide

Choosing the right sized shorts are going to depend on a number of factors. The first factor, of course, is your waist size.

For a tighter fit, go one size lower than your pant size. This is recommended for women, but if you have big legs for your size, you will want to stick with a larger size. 

Most men are probably going to fit size Large to X-Large size (31-34 waist size)  and most women will fit between the Medium to Large size. You should remember that Muay Thai shorts are designed to be shorter than regular Boxing, Kickboxing or MMA shorts.

This is part of the 'Thai Fighter's Style' that you will see when you train in Thailand.

If you choose shorts that correspond with your waist size, that is the easiest way to be sure you will find a pair that fits you.


Handmade in Thailand - These shorts are all hand-stitched and designed in Thailand. These shorts are designed for style and made to last. 

Premium Satin Materials - Lightweight and sweat resistant for training. This is a lighter material than satin. 

Hight Cut Legs - The legs are designed to give you the maximum movement when you are training.

Beautiful Designs - Our designs will impress people around you. Learn why MTP Shorts are simply the best around. 

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Great shorts

Comfy and great looking. Job well done.