MTP Belly Pad Protector - Black

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Made from 100% genuine Thai Cow Leather our MTP Belly Pad is designed to provide you with the best protection when you are holding pads. The foamed padding protection is designed to take knees, punches, or front kicks without causing you to feel any pain.

The pads are hand made in Thailand and are made with the finest materials. If you want to feel what the "best quality" feels like then you should try this belly pad. 


  • Hand made in Thailand - Each belly pad is hand crafted in Thailand to ensure that they are built to the highest standards in quality, comfort and fit.
  • 100% Thai Leather - The outer shell of the pad is made with quality Thai leather to ensure that every strike against the pad is against a leather that feels great
  • Ergonomic Design - These pads are designed with complete ergonomic design to ensure that it fits comfortably to your body
  • Foam padded protection - Our standard leading foam protection ensures that you get the best protection when you are wearing the pads. You can be sure that it is quality that will last you.