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Our classic Muay Thai Shin Guard offers quality protection that is second to none. The fit, feel and design of the shin guards are best in class. You will feel a difference when you put on our all leather shin guards that are all hand made in Thailand.

These are velcro shin guards to allow you to put them on and take them off with ease. 

When it comes to sizing, as a general rule I would suggest the following based on my experience:

General Height

Under 5'5"      Small Size

5'5-5'10"         Medium Size

5'10"-6'1"        Large Size

6'2-6'5"           X-Large Size

Please note that some people have longer shin bones and the following is just a recommendation. The sizing for MTP shin guards is standard among other shin guards made from Thailand. So if you already use Medium or Large from another Thai brand, go with the same size you have. 

Size Chart 

S 11.5 29.2
M 13 33
L 14.5 36.8
XL 16 40.6


***The shin length is measured from the bottom of the knee to the top of the ankle. It does not include the feet***

Product Features

Hand Made in Thailand - Each pair of shin guards are individually hand crafted to perfection. From the hand stitching to the design, everything is made to the exact specifications to ensure the perfect fit.

Quality Protection - Our shin guards offer foam padding technology to ensure that your shins are protected when you are sparring. Whether you are blocking or kicking, the shin guard is designed to absorb the impact of the blow.

Ankle Protection - A lot of shin guards out there don't offer quality ankle protection in their guards. Our shin guards are designed to ensure you get protection in your ankle in case you kick an elbow.

100% Thai Leather - These shin guards are all made with 100% cow hide leather. There are no synthetic materials used, which means you can feel the difference in quality. 


Customer Reviews

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Shin guards

Overall, I really like them. Great protection. Just on a personal note and it is just because my legs are skinny. I wish there was a way to custom make the circumference as I have a fair bit of the velcro strap as extra.
I like the ankle protection but do wish there was a little more flexibility and movement in the ankle area.
All that said - i do like them and would buy them again

Classic shin guards black

There great awesome comfortable thanks again!