White/Black Muay Thai Gloves (Limited Edition)

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Our MTP gloves are handmade with quality and performance in mind.

The quality, fit, feel and design of our MTP gloves are simply the best. Once you get used to the feel of the gloves, you will be ordering another pair or two. 

Product Features:

Hand Made in Thailand - These gloves are made by the top factory in Thailand and are all individually stitched and handcrafted. Once you feel the difference, you will never go back to an ordinary pair of boxing gloves.

Multi-Layered Foam Absorption - Protect your knuckles with best in class multi-layered foam protection. One punch with these gloves on and you will feel the difference. 

100% Cow Hide Leather - Feel the difference in quality between cheap synthetic materials that are often flashy but don't deliver in performance. Each glove is crafted from premium Thai leather that has been hand cut to ensure the proper sizing and fit. 

Wrist Support - These gloves have excellent wrist support and are designed to give you the most comfort when you are wearing them. You will feel a difference when you compare these to other gloves

Stylish and Simple - Simple, beautiful design that will impress others around you. 

Fantastic Fit - These gloves are the best when it comes to fit and comfort. When you try a pair of our MTP Classic Gloves, you will be extremely impressed by the overall feel of the glove. 

Find the Right Size

Our MTP gloves are designed to be form fitted. While other gloves might be loose when you put them on, our gloves have an excellent form fit. Just like when you buy a new pair of running shoes, it takes a few training sessions for the gloves to break in and adjust to your hand size.

Training Size Recommendations:

The 8-10 oz gloves are typically used for small men and female fighters. These gloves have a tighter fit and can be used for hitting pads, the heavy bag and for technical sparring. Because the lighter gloves don't have as much padding, you should avoid using these gloves for heavy contact sparring.

The 12 oz sized gloves are an excellent training glove for most people. I use the 12 oz size for my daily training routine. The extra bit of padding helps when you are hitting those old heavy bags that don't have a lot of padding left in them. 12 oz gloves can also be used for light sparring.

The 14-16 oz. Gloves are better suited for sparring. These gloves are also going to be used by larger fighters who have big hands. I never recommend sparring 100% in any glove, because you can end up hurting your opponent with a hard enough blow to the head. Sparring should always be done at 70-80% power to avoid hurting your opponent. 

If this is your first pair of gloves, I would recommend you get a go between size like 12-14 oz. It depends on what you like training with. 

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Yin/Yang of gloves: very well balance glove.