Muay Thai Weapons Sleeveless - White Color

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Express your love of Muay Thai with our trendy blue color Punch, Elbow, Teep, Round House Cut-Off shirts.

This is the perfect t-shirt to wear if you want to show off your love of Muay Thai. The dry fit material also makes this the perfect training shirt because it dries super fast after getting wet.

It is machine-washable and made from 100% dry fit microfiber polyester. 

The cut-off sleeves make this the most comfortable shirt you can wear. Without any restrictions on your arms, you can have full mobility in your arms when you are punching or throwing elbows. 

A Great Option for Women

If you are tired of your training shirts restricting your movement because they are soaking wet with sweat during training, these cut off dry-fit shirts are the perfect option. 

These shirts are very extremely popular for girls because you can wear a sports bra underneath. This gives you more mobility in your arms when you punch and throw elbow strikes.

Sizing Guide:

Cut Off Shirt Size Chart

Most women will fit either a Small or Medium size, and most men will fit between Medium and Large size. The shirts are easy to fit, so if you are stuck between two sizes, go with the smaller size if you don't know.