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Express your love of Muay Thai with our Muay Thai Weapons t-shirt design. The front of the shirt has all of the weapons of Muay Thai printed on it: Punch, Elbow, Knee, Teep Roundhouse

The slim fit cut off the t-shirts ensures you get the maximum comfort and breathability while you are training. These classic Tees are also cool casual t-shirts that you can rock in your street clothes with jeans or shorts. 

These shirts are perfect for training or casual wear. The DryFit material ensures that you get a snug fit, so your shirt doesn't move when you are kicking or punching in Muay Thai. 

It is machine washable and made from 100% dry fit microfiber polyester. 

All of our products have been battle tested and approved by the top level Lumpinee and Rajadamnern fighters in Thailand.

Size Chart:

These are form fitting shirts. Most men will choose between M-L size shirts and women will choose between S and M. The measurements above can help you decide which size is the right one for you.

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Muay Thai Weapons T-Shirt | Dry Fit

So cool

i love it !

it is great to have a muay thai t-shirt with style and that the common people cannot specialy knows what is it about

fit well and size well, colors from the letters and cloth are excellent, the quality is there !

(- it would be perfect if there were more colors, like green on pink, pink on green, etc - and all colors avalaible for each type of top - black letters is better with a red back btw - i'm pretty sure stickers would be awesome too :D )