Mamba Yellow Sublimation Shorts

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Our new snakeskin designs offer a lightweight sublimation print with a bold yellow to stand out in a crowd.

This is the traditional cut that is made from a light material doesn't hold on to sweat when you train. Whether you are training in Thailand or back home, these shorts are perfect for Muay Thai training.

The front of the shorts features our classic Muay Thai Pros logo on the side, with a snakeskin print background. 

The waistbands are elastic and stretch, so an M size will expand to fit someone who is an L. 

Size Chart and Guide

Choosing the right sized shorts are going to depend on a number of factors. The first factor, of course, is your waist size.

For a tighter fit, go one size lower than your pant size. 

Most men are probably going to fit size Medium-X-Large depending on your waist size and most women will fit between the Small and Medium size. You should remember that Muay Thai shorts are designed to be shorter than regular Boxing, Kickboxing or MMA shorts.

This is part of the 'Thai Fighter's Style' that you will see when you train in Thailand.

If you choose shorts that correspond with your waist size, that is the easiest way to be sure you will find a pair that fits you.


Handmade in Thailand - These shorts are all hand stitched and designed in Thailand. These shorts are designed for style and made to last. 

Sublimation Print - The design is printed directly on the fabric, making these more light-weight than satin shorts.

Standard Cut Legs - This is a traditional cut leg

Beautiful Colors - Our bold designs will help you stand out in a crowd.

Customer Reviews

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Yellow Mamba Thai Shorts

Fit and material were on point. However during the first wear, strings began fraying. I have bought other MTP shorts and that was never an issue.


Mamba Yellow Sublimation Shorts (2019 Collection)